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There are times in your life when you find that clowns may be truly fantastic, but for some, right from the very start, they are frightening creatures that cause the skin to chill.

Clown Pit, a small place tucked away in the mountains, was once a school for those that wanted to learn the craft of mime and being a Clown. Whether it was for a traveling circus or carnival, or being a premiere act for children, many who came to Clown Pit had good intentions.

Until today.

Berkeley, Karl and Sam traveled through the area, and thought it would add to their social media growth to show the now defunct school, the grounds where many circus and carnival rides, trucks and trailers had come to rust and with a flair for the dramatic, Karl thought it would be good to fake their encounter with mysterious ghosts here, trying to ignite a profitable reality series.

Welcome to Clown Pit, where all the make-up isn't applied and the tricks can be more than real.

Clown Pit by Raif Wolfe

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