There is a fear that lingers as your heart begins to beat faster inside your chest. You stand in total darkness; your eyes struggle to adjust to the sudden veil of black. You feel your heart pounding now, loud enough that it can be heard reverberating in the darkness. You are in a place where you once felt comfortable, even safe, but now you are being invaded and violated by a force greater than the fear it is creating.

The threat is real. It arrives with a dynamism that cannot be repelled by physical means. It works its way all around you and brings to you the threat of death, whether it takes your life, or you take your own.

When the mind becomes victim to the most twisted events, it conjures up a strategy in which it either figures a way to influence the circumstances occurring, or suffer the consequences.

Still, for now, you can only stand there. The obscurity is growing colder. The sound of someone, something, can be heard snarling. It's getting closer. It moves with purpose. With an uncompromising jolt it strikes you and takes you over the edge.

You no longer feel your heart beating.

Crib Death by Raif Wolfe

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