The sudden and unexplained disappearance of his daughter has Jupiter Berra-Manzanares extremely concerned. Dayanara often called him, checked in with him and shared her thoughts. After the tragic loss of several of the most influential people in her young life, including the man that she loved, she had turned to drinking, then drugs, to find her way through it all, or get lost from it.

Rumors circulated, information was passed and skimming the surface, he was finding facts. Jupiter discovered that his daughter had taken a plunge in her life and had made the worst of all possible decisions. She had taken up with those in the drug world that would use her in any way imaginable to profit from it. Soon, with the help of his family and the ever present social media, there was evidence in the form of videos and photos of her existing amongst a homeless encampment, drugged and withering away. Pale, emaciated, yet still recognizable, he had to do something to save his baby.

Jupiter has to do what a Dad must do. Threats come his way. Forces on both sides of the law align to stop him. Jupiter has one warning in return. Heaven help them!

Traffick Cop by Raif Wolfe

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