Land means different things to different people.

To some it is a possession. A visible display of the power one can flaunt when they accumulate a lot of prime property. To others, it is a place of history, rich only because of family and tradition.

A young Native American man knows all about traditiion and pride. He has listened since his youth to stories of how his father stood strong for the tribe, his family and his people. And of how he defended their land, the only remaining fragment of their historic existence, the only thread of contact to their ancestors.

The drums beat slowly at first, and like a heartbeat, grow with passion.
The war has been declared!

Feathers In The Blood by Raif Wolfe

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2019 Xaak Studios
2019 SyKoCinematic
2019 Bama Films
2019 Raif Wolfe, Xaak Doyle
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