An online blogger and aspiring writer starts a weekly story about murder, mayhem and a killer in the streets. Soon his story is taking online searches by storm, and his readership grows as the characters become more involved and real.

In the mind of a writer all things are possible. Even the most heinous of things, as Daniel Williams, the author, has come to learn. After several appearances on the local television station touting his story as one of the most intriguing of all time, as well as publishers and film makers courting him to be able to use his stories, Daniel gets an email that rocks him from the spotlight.

Suddenly Daniel is thrown into a world that seeks to bring him down. His enemy unknown and the authorities wanting to speak to him, his life is in the balance. Armed with a laptop and the urgent need to clear his name, Daniel takes up the battle against the stalking fan.

Unfortunately for Daniel, he does not get to write the end of this story and without some quick thinking, he will become a victim of it.

Fiction: Non-Fiction by Raif Wolfe

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