Fornicatress by Raif Wolfe

What does a woman need to do to keep her man happily married?
Tell him what he wants to hear...
Give him all that he wants...
Fulfill his wildest fantasies...
keep his deepest, darkest secrets...
give him the confidence in his work to be successful so that he can afford to spend endlessly on dinners, vacations, cars, the good life..
oh, and make sure his wife doesn't find out.

Driven by greed, gifted with passion...
Synimin is a pure gift from heaven, with only a few alterations by the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon. She makes friends and meets men quite easily. Her style is flashy, her look is captivating. Having the best of everything, or knowing how to get it, she separates her lives just enough to keep from allowing them to merge. She may be street smart and acclimated to many cultures, but she was never prepared for the sudden turn in the road that she called her life.
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