The year is 2026, and personal security is a major concern for all the people of the world. From identity theft, to hacking, right on down to personal accounts, you could be wiped out in minutes.

glomchip, the world's authority on personal information and financial security, has forged their way into banking and security like no other company. It not only is integrated into most government and military agencies, but for the last 20 years glomchip has protected individuals and families from loss.

When hackers finally crack into the digital vault of glomchip, they believe they discover some alarming information.

Agent Panic is called into the investigation, and suddenly he's fighting for his life.

glomchip by Raif Wolfe

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2019 Xaak Studios
2019 SyKoCinematic
2019 Bama Films
2019 Raif Wolfe, Xaak Doyle
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