The end had arrived just several short years ago, and now, the transitional stage has also come full circle. Amidst the barren lands and the burned out cities comes the launch of the next phase. The metamorphosis of what had survived and evolved is left to fend for themselves. Countries no longer exist. Populations are so diminutive and spread out over the vast regions of the planet that no one is in control. The most noticeable concern was that the dreadful animosity and fury which led to the end, endured.

The survivors also changed through the course of the events that transpired. People were unusual. Their way of dealing with life was hostile and tenacious. War was waged on a smaller scale only because the weapons that were left were remnants of a long-gone era. Alliances were stronger than ever, however. They had to be. Groups could only hope that there would be security in numbers.

The radio scratched with the pleas for support from the front line. The lavish fee compensated the mercenary force known only as "Mechanized" is now on the move. Damascus, their fearless leader and Field Marshal, leads by example and from the very front of his units. There is nothing to lose, but in this grotesque portrait of smoke, corpses and blood, there is scarcely anything worth winning.

Peerless by Raif Wolfe

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