There is a car gliding across the Brooklyn Bridge this late summer night. The windows are down and the music is playing loudly inside. Reminiscent of the 1979 cult thriller, "The Warriors", Joe Walsh and the Eagles' "In the City" rips through the air. Skylar Janssens has returned. Round Two is about to begin. Skylar intends to prove his initial victory was not a fluke. New York City beware, the Subway Reaper is back! He's out of the tunnel, and in your will never be prepared for what he does next!

It has always been about power. for the longest time it has been rewarding for him to receive accolades for bringing financial profits and success to his clients. Now it is just all about Skylar, and that's the way he likes it!

When the good life was ripped from him and his dreams became nightmares, he made the decision to bring those same horrific consequences to all that he could. He delivers on his pledge much to the dismay of the residents of New York City.
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