Skylar Janssens is handsome, wealthy, well-known and in love. With everything a young man in New York City could possibly dream for, nothing could be worse than losing it all in a single day. What ensues is the madness and mayhem of a man seeking his freedom in a world that he starts to devastate. Senseless murder from the shadows is his signature and the caverns below NYC become his domain. Skylar walks with reasonable anonymity through the tunnels and streets of NYC, the vast sea of people and their diversities adding to his camouflage. As he targets bigger prey he makes himself a mark, something he doesn't fear and frequently welcomes. What malevolence he crafts he also comes to thrive on. There will be no clemency; he does not give what he knows he will not receive. There is no penance worthy.

Subway Reaper: Tunnel Vision At Its Worst by Raif Wolfe

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