This compilation of fictional stories, a tribute to those brave soldiers who gave all of themselves, also speaks to the confusion and disappointment that were also likely a part of the process. The ebb and flow of "This, Your Forlorn Soldier" is not an anti-war or political statement as such, but more the reasonable and probable thoughts of soldiers as Raif had determined from various biographies and documentaries on the facts of these tortuous moments in time.

Now this novelette has been written into a stage presentation, a one person focus, through periods of time, culminating in a shocking and unexpected finish. “This, Your Forlorn Soldier” is crafted from all of the human elements of war that call on the inner strength and character of the soldiers they bring to the stage and page. “This, Your Forlorn Soldier” by Raif Wolfe, an honest depiction of the impact of war.

This, Your Forlorn Soldier by Raif Wolfe

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