No Apparent Motive by Raif Wolfe

In a place where evil minds plot and scheme to terrorize the unsuspecting, a haunting laugh of a killer resonates in the darkest recesses. Homicide Detectives David Hart and Jim Hollimen are caught up in the quest to cease the killing and catch the killer, two completely different tasks that lead to horrific circumstances. In a novel that brings into play the ruthless scraping of the flesh with the tines of a fork, they could never prepare themselves for what eventually unfolds.

"No Apparent Motive: Prime Suspect" matches solid forensic research with good old fashioned gumshoe detective work. The first line of the book kicks off the pandemonium. "What a great night for a murder, at least I thought so", a profound statement from a bloodthirsty genius.

This novel, the very first, is dedicated to Mr. Wolfe's Mother, Marie. Sadly, Raif Wolfe's mother passed away in March 2008, leaving him a bit lost. He recalls "she always told me she was my biggest fan, when in reality, I was always hers."
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