Raif is a skilled novelist, screenwriter and film producer celebrated for cleverly weaving characters into engaging narratives that are flawlessly paced. More recently Raif was instrumental in the production of the documentary film "The Way Home: Journey of Family and Faith" and the horror film "Sacrament."

Initially Raif developed crime/action productions; soon, however, titles in several other genres were fashioned, including the critically acclaimed Subway Reaper horror series. Raif also arranges lighthearted children's and young adult titles under the pseudonym Xaak Doyle in the rationale of forming a distinctive partition between intended audiences and topics.

Raif utilizes his extensive interpersonal skills to connect with people and engages them in mutually enlightening exchanges, welcoming these prosperous experiences to hone his craft, developing riveting characters and inventing captivating back stories for his adventures. His tales have authentic flavor as they are often sculpted from these touchable individuals and compelling settings.

A spot-on artist of the written masterpiece, expanding these visions to the screen and stage, Raif has been creating several projects under the Xaak Studios Brand. With decades of story-telling savvy, his collection has grown, the stories have evolved and the opportunities have never been better.

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Raif Wolfe - A.K.A. Xaak Doyle

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